A2B : One Step at a Time 

A2B Coaching was founded by Luteke Kalombo, a native of Democratic Republic of Congo, who earned a D1 basketball scholarship to LaSalle University, Niagara University, and played professional basketball overseas after receiving his Bachelors Degree in Sociology.  He is a son of a former diplomat, comes from a large athletic family with brothers playing football at University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, University of Miami, Kansas University, and a cousin of Dikembe Mutombo, a NBA Hall of Famer.  

We have a team who understand the journey of individuals, student athletes, and industrial athletes.  Our proven processes adds value and we are committed to serving the community through health, wellness, and fitness initiatives.


A few highlights:


  • Certified Health Wellness Fitness Professional 
  • Worked with Multiple District Sites in a Workplace Wellness Program covering 10 states, responsible for over 200 people
  • Ignited 58K - 400K in Corporate Revenues by identifying risks
  • Created a gameplan to help a Mother of 4 get back to her Pre Pregnancy weight
  • Helped Middle School, High School, and Professional Athletes prepare for an upcoming season 








Contact Us


1151 Salem Drive Unit A



Email: info@a2bcoaching.com

Phone: 704.777.6930



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