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"THAT is what you are good at..thinking of different approaches to relay a message as a coach"


Karen Perry

Mother of 4 Boys 



"Luteke Kalombo was introduced to us by some close friends as a possible basketball coach for our then 5th grade son Edward.  It was very evident after only a couple of practice sessions with Lu that our son had made a very firm connection with his style of teaching and enjoyed the encouragement he received both on and off the court.  Lu has the ability to connect with a child with firm kindness and also bring together a team that works well together despite different ages and stages of ability.  He has such a positive and giving disposition and our son benefited hugely in having both private and group lessons with Lu.



I thoroughly recommend Lu as a coach to their child.  He is a gifted teacher with the largest heart and soul making sure that his pupils learn the most important life lessons both on and off the court."


Edwina Willis Fleming



"I have had back issues all of my life; typically throwing out my back at least twice a year resulting in being laid  up for days at a time.  My back issues culminated in back surgery for a herniated disc 6 years ago at age 39.  The surgery cost over $15,000 and resulted in 2 weeks of lost productivity.  Since i began working out with Lu Kalombo 4 years ago, we have focused on some additional solutions to reduce my back pains and strains.  Over the past 4 years i have had zero back issues.  Thanks!!"


Holly W.

Financial Analyst

Columbia Management Group


"We are so excited that you are going to be leading our scholars in basketball activities again this summer!"


Colleen Davis

Activities and Logistics Coordinator

Freedom School Partners




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